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I think that it is Canada’s interest to provide aid in CAR. As a peace keeping country I believe that we should have some involvement in what’s going one. Now I’m not saying that we should invest all our resources and send as much military aid as France did, but still enough to do some kind of help. Also by helping other countries that are going through crisis this can build ties that we haven’t had before. Hopefully our involvement in other countries will be useful in the future. We could gain more consideration in upcoming trade with that country. Or if Canada developed its own crisis hopefully through other we’ve helped in the past, we could look for aid through them. Another great reason why Canada should be getting involved is because there are crimes agents’ humanity taking place. As a multicultural country we have both Christians and Muslim people living in our country. If ethnic tensions were to continue and climb what’s to stop an outbreak between like this happening somewhere else. Also with all the refugees and immigrants coming all around the world, I think we owe a little bit of service to where there escaping from. Why should the people who can’t hope that plain out of the country or find safety be left to defend for themselves? Just because someone has the money to buy a ticket out doesn’t mean that every person should access to safety and security. Also as a country part of the UN is our job to make sure the international peace and security. People might say that this is just an national conflict only affecting CAR but it really isn’t. Other fighters from other countries in Africa are joining the fight which is dragging more countries into the conflict slowly making it into a International problem. So why wait till it exalts into something bigger. Why doesn’t Canada invest aid right now instead of waiting till the problem becomes large and Canada is forced into pouring more resources? These are the reasons why Canada should take some level of action now instead of wait for something bigger and worse.

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The bombing was needed. It wasn't like Japan was caught by surprise, they knew that US was attacking them. The US gave the option to Japan to surrender but, the Japan military was fighting under a motto called “ketsu-go.” Also the US was bombing B29 on Japans major city and had a naval blockade, but the Japanese still didn't surrender. The inability to not surrender out a major strain of the people of the Japan. The atomic bombs showed the emperor that he need to surrender. Also the president believed that the bombing would actually have less civilian death then if the war continued.

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