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The Winnipeg General Strike

The Winnipeg General Strike was momentous time in Canadian history.  It was an event that pitted differing ideologies against one another; politically, economically and socially.  It took place in a period in time when the "Great War" had just ended, and an infant ideology was just forcing its way onto the world stage.  The Russian Revolution ushered in a new ideology that was to be based on Marxism, which was a socialist concept that developed out of the working class horrors of the Industrial Revolution.   The Industrial Revolution had transformed many societies, for better or for worse, and Canada was no different

Was the Winnipeg General Strike a defining moment in the shift from classical liberalism to socialism in Canadian History?  Was the strike a catalyst that set Canada on the path to socialism and modern liberalism? 
Using the following criteria: excitement, impact and endurance to answer the following questions?

How significant was the Winnipeg General Strike in creating a shift in the ideological thinking of Canadians, politically, economically and socially, towards the ideology of socialism? 
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