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I think it would be in the best national interest for canada to offer to send troops into CAR to help aid the french in their peacekeeping mission. It would be best for canada to do this since it is the frenches problem and it would be good for canada to give support. This would allow canada to help out but also not get in the frenches way of trying to fix one of their legacies. this would allow canada not to waste a lot of resource and money on something that's not even their problem. Another reason that it would be a in best national interest for canada's best national interest to offer troop for aid would be that it would protect both groups. This is a good idea since both group are at fault and then canada doesn't have to send their entire military just to focus on one group. witch wouldn’t be just be justifiable but would also cost canada a lot of resources and money at the same time. All of this would allow there to be less death on both side since the french are trying to get a peace treaty. it would also allow the citizens to be protected bette. But if this eternal conflict were to turn into a genocide officially recognized by the UN then i would think it would be in the best national interest for canada to send in the a peacekeeping force. Until that happens it would be in the best national interest for canada to offer troops to work beside the french.

1 point

There are many different opinions on whether the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were justified or not. In my personal opinion all the evidence that i have found point toward the bombings being justified. Some of this evidence includes that amount of American lives the Americans saved by using the bombs, since they had already lost 418,000 soldiers and civilians. Another point of evidence was that the american were looking for the shortest way to end the war and they found it.

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