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RSS MaxSmith

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1 point

Canada should enforce the situation in the CAR (Central African Republic) by sending soldiers to the area to fight for a peace agreement that both sides of the conflicted can agree with because Canada Is essentially half French. The two countries Canada if formed from is France a Britain which means there is some responsibility Canada should take for they atrocities taking place in the CAR. With deployment of troop in the CAR troops could help with protecting neutral environments such as hospitals and refugee camps. It’s in Canada’s national interest for the government were too send troops into the area they should develop a mandate that supports the idea of protecting civilians and also creating piece with the use of force and once piece was made, keeping that piece until an active government can sustain that piece. Canada should also clearly and distinctively identify the aggressor in the situation and if it is necessary use force to eliminate the aggressor to save lives. If Canada were to do nothing genocide would be inevitable. The sings of genocide are all there and there many similarities between Rwanda and Darfur. Two different groups that dislike each other and want change. The Rwandan Genocide is a perfect example of countries standing by and letting atrocities happen. The UN sent in a piece keeping force witch would have been great if there was any piece to keep but since there is actual fighting taking place, a piece making force is what is needed. The same case happen is Darfur when government supported Janjaweed were given weapons to go kill innocent civilians and the countries stood by and watched because they did wanted to be involved in mass deaths that were taking place. Canada doesn’t necessarily have to act by themselves either, they can get support from France and the UN but they need to take charge and make sure that the killing stops before they set up a peace agreement. It’s in Canada’s national interest to provide military support in the area to create piece, protect civilians with safety and keep piece until a stable government is put in place that both sides agree too that can keep piece indefinitely.

1 point

Canada should open the North west Passage but they should actively and forcefully protect the North West Passage and the Arctic territory because it is in Canada’s national interest to protect the sovereignty of parts of Canada’s land and the passage also goes through the middle of Inuit society which if the passage was opened freely boats passing through would interfere with Inuit society. If the world is going to start drilling and develop the Arctic into recourse rich utopia then Canada should get the piece that they are entitled to get. Considering how rich the Arctic is, you can see why many other countries such as Russia and USA are so interested in the north. Canada should open the Passage for other countries to use but when they do they should put military boats in the area to make sure no countries try to take control of any areas and also make sure that protective measures are taken to preserve the life of the ecosystems in the north. The North West Passage is part of Canada’s land and therefor it should be protected as if it is any other part of Canada. Canada should open the passage but they should charge money to go through the passage just like Panama does in the Panama Cannel. This would provide the Canadian Government with huge revenue they could use for other task and it also go to making sure that if there was ever an oil spill or something of that sort, there would be money to clean it up. Inuit society could also benefit from the opening of the Passage. It could provide Inuit people with jobs which in turn would help the local economy. One way or another the world is going to open up the Arctic and begin to drilling for oil and start digging for resources but it is Canada’s responsibly to protect the Inuit way of life. It’s in Canada’s National interest to open the passage to create revenue and also fight for as much land as we can get in the Arctic if the Governments can support their claims with scientific evidence to back it up. The use of oil is only a sort term fix for the worlds energy supply. For the Government of Canada to open the North West Passage the Government should make any courtiers wanting to use the passage sign a document saying they will encourage scientific advancements for a better cleaner and longer lasting energy supply. This would promote the idea of unlimited clean energy for the world and eliminated the need for oil and to further invade the Arctic. But until that happens it is in Canada’s national interest to protect their Arctic land with force if it necessary and also use the North West passage as a way of revenue.

1 point

It was in America best interest to bomb the Japanese during World War II because American was not willing to use up any more of their military recourse and they did not want to risk any more American lives in the Pacific. Japans military was beginning to get weak at the end of world war one. The Americans took the beach of Okinawa with 65,000 American lost so when they needed to take the main land of Japan to get the Japanese to surrender. Without the use of the Atomic Bomb they Americans would have lost close to 100,000-200,000 more people and the Japanese would have lost close 400,000 soldiers and civilians which is far lesser than with the use of the atomic bomb. It was also in the best interest for the US to save lives and use force with an atomic bomb. The Japanese were going to use all their military resources because they were not going to give up and surrender until they could no longer fight. The use of the Atomic bomb also reduced the length of the war by a substantial amount meaning it was in Americans best national interest to use a nuclear weapon.

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