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RSS Rbrodylo

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Canada should be more international in its approach to this new challenge and work with international organizations such as the United Nations because Canada is not as militarily strong as other countries like Russia or the US. Many nations own a piece of land that is open to the Arctic ocean, like Russia, Canada, Denmark, Norway, and the US. In my opinion places like China and India shouldn’t even be considered because they have no connection to the ocean other than using it as a trade route. China and India could use it for passage of their ships, but that's it. I think that one of the ways that the settling of arctic ocean territory could be done by giving certain percentages of land to different nations based on how much land they have exposed to the ocean. Another way that the Arctic dispute could be handled is by land connections on the seafloor showing that it is still a part of that nation's land mass.

1 point

I don’t think that Canada should send in Military force into CAR at this time but humanitarian aid. We may be seen as the humanitarian country, but that doesn’t mean that we need to send troops into every crisis that is happening around the world. Canada can send some aid to help refugees and peacekeepers, but Canada has already sent $16 million over to CAR this year in aid, other countries should come to the aid of CAR as well as France. Africa doesn’t directly impact Canada in a positive or negative way.

From another point of view I Canada should go and help in CAR because it is the right thing to do, helping others in need. Internationalism. People of the Central African Republic should be able to get help from the rest of the world when the lives of others are at stake. Canada should go in and stop the senseless violence brought upon by the two groups of Christians and Muslims, and sending in help will improve Canada’s reputation further. If Canada comes into trouble with another nation, others will be more likely to want to help in the situation. When Canada sent troops and aid in the Rwandan Genocide, a large difference was made to the nation’s people and what happened in Rwanda is happening in CAR, sending in troops could have the same positive effect. Because of Rwanda in 2000 Canada enacted the Crimes Against Humanity Act.

1 point

I don’t believe that it was in the best national of the US to bomb Japan because it was an attack against the civilians, essentially wrong allied decision; to hunt for unconditional surrender.On July 30, Ambassador Satō wrote that Stalin was probably talking to Roosevelt and Churchill about his dealings with Japan, and he wrote: "There is no alternative but immediate unconditional surrender if we are to prevent Russia's participation in the war.

Nearly each different major war between major powers has not led to total defeat or unconditional surrender of either party.

There will never be peace amongst all nations, however, the carnage of innocent masses isn’t the proper way to handle things any situation. The bombing of innocent civilians is a crime against humanity, the rest of the world would not look too fondly at this, which could affect trading and global relations.

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