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RSS Tang

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I believe that Canada should offer peacekeepers to the United Nations in order to help stop the conflict going on and to help protect the civilians from the civil war between the Selika and the Anti-Balaka. As a part of the United Nations, Canada should be entitled to help in the conflict taking place in the Central African Republic. Having Canada be part of the peacekeeping mission to stop the conflict can help to reduce the lives lost and prevent a potential genocide. I don't believe that it would be in Canada's best interest to directly attack the main offenders because of the increased risk of causing a new war between Canada and the offenders as well as the risk of the lives of the Canadian soldiers being sent into combat. Although the top priority is to protect the civilians of CAR and to stop the conflict, Canada must take consider of the risk of the Canadian soldiers who are being deployed. United Nations have made mistakes in the past on how to react with these types of civil war and have resulted in genocide like Rwanda. The UN should respond now while the conflicts are just starting to increase so that they can protect the people of CAR and make sure that innocent civilians aren't killed. As well as protecting the civilians from the conflict, Canada should help provide humanitarian needs to the people trying to escape the conflict by making refugee camps that are liveable in and that will keep militia's out. If Canada sits on the sidelines instead of helping out, this conflict may continue for much longer resulting in the deaths of innocents and may even become a genocide of one of the two ethnic groups in this conflict. I believe it would be best for Canada to offer peacekeeping services to the conflict going on in CAR in order to save the lives of innocents and to stop this conflict before it gets out of hand.

1 point

I believe that it is in Canada's national interest to challenge other nations when they infringe on what is Canadian land. Canada should stand up for what is rightfully theirs and show other countries that they are willing to protect their land with violence. This will show other countries that Canada will stand up to what is theirs and because of other countries not wanting conflict and the loss of their people, they won't provoke the Canadians further. Yes there is a chance war may break through but since majority of countries now are democratic, governments will choose what is best for the people and not to go to war at the risk of lives. I believe that Canada should defend what is rightfully theirs.

1 point

I believe that in the national interests of USA, it was in their best interest to dropping the atomic bombs on Japan. If the atomic bombs hadn't been dropped on Japan, the war between the Japanese and Americans would have gone on longer causing many more American deaths. The United States best interest was to drop the bombs and end the war in order to save the many American lives that would have been lost if the war had continued.

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