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RSS Astephen

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I think that Canada should go into the Central African Republic to help. We should work along side the French peacekeepers that are already working there. We can help the people that are living there with humanitarian causes; we can provide food and supplies to those who need it. Helping the people in the Central African Republic to create a peace treaty would be beneficial as well. This will make it so that the ethnic cleansing stops and the killing. I think that the targeting of civilians isn’t fair and needs to be stopped. These people clearly aren’t going to be able tot stop the fighting on their own; they need outside forces to help them with the resolution. The French being in the Central African Republic seems to be helping with some of the humanitarian problems but there doesn’t seem to be a resolution to stop the fighting. I think that with the help of another country then may be an agreement can be reached between the Muslims and the Christians. If we leave this situation alone to work out the problems on their own then we could have another genocide taking place. The same thing that happened in Rwanda could happen in the Central African Republic. There was only a small amount of aid that was provided in Rwanda. 800,000 people were killed and many more displaced having to leave the country. I think that this shouldn’t happen again. We should try to stop the killing and displacement before it becomes out of control and considered genocide, because at that point it will be too late. The way that the refuges are living isn’t good; they are living in fear and are staving. I don’t think that this is fair. If we provide aid then these people will be able to go back to living in their villages and not having to live in fear of being killed because of what they believe in. Providing this aid will be able to increase many people’s quality of life. I think that it is in Canada’s best interest to provide aid to the people living in Central African Republic to work alone side the French.

1 point

I believe that it is in Canada's best interest to defend what is rightfully theirs. I think that our military should work to patrol ships that are coming and growing through the passage. If the passage is opened to the rest of the world then it will become a very busy route for boats and cruise ships. I feel that these waters are very fragile and there could be spills, taking years to clean up and having devastating effects on the surrounding ecosystems. I think that if the area goes to another nation then the people who are living in the north won't be thought of. The way of life they have and the place that they live will be completely changed. I think that these disagreements between nations can be solved through government talking to each other and making plans, I don't think that the only answer is war. I think that it is in Canada's best interest to protect what is rightfully theirs and protect the sovereignty. I also think that Canada is entitled to a piece of the revenue from the natural resources that lay in the Arctic. Russia and the United States want a piece and Canada should be able to get what lays in or around Canadian territory. I think that they are the ones that should be entitled to it because it lays on their land. I strongly believe that Canada should protect that is rightfully theirs.

1 point

I think that it was in the Americas best interest to bomb Japan. America wasn't willing to use up more of it's resources and have more people die and continue to fight. The United States looked for many other ways to end the war and decided that bombing would be the best way to do it. The US flyers gave notice to civilians who were not involved so that they had a chance to leave and be safe. If America didn't bomb Japan then more causalities on both sides would have occurred and the government would not have given in. America wanted to find the shortest way to end the war. This means that it was in the best interest for the United States to use the atomic bombs on Japan.

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