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RSS Jbridges

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1 point

I think that it is in Canada's national interest to enter CAR. The best thing Canada could do to help the struggle in CAR would be to send soldiers alongside the French to protect civilians and negotiate a peace treaty. Canada could provide CAR with humanitarian aid in the refugee camps providing people with food and water people with food and water. This would help the displaced civilians help out the poverty stricken people. They could also provide aid for the hospitals by giving them instruments needed to help injured people from the war. This would help them because of the large amounts of wounded people and with the lack of supplies needed. Another thing that Canada could do is provide the people of CAR with security alongside the French. This would decrease the amount of civilian fatalities by a lot and would help the country to stay as strong as it would be able to. Canada could help the French try and stop the conflict because without foreign aid the fight between the Selekas and Anti Balakas would keep going and CAR would fall deeper and deeper into the pit of war and poverty. This is important because the country needs to stay as strong as possible in the unfortunate condition that it is in. As you can see Canada would provide a lot of support for the country in need.

1 point

It is not in Canada's national interest to militarily and diplomatically challenge other counties. The first reason would be physically going against other countries could lead to a war. It is not worth it for Canada to take force because the effects of a war have the potential to be way worse than the effects of boats moving through the arctic could have. One benefit countries would have from using the arctic for shipping would be how much faster trading would be. Although having boats move through the arctic is not so environmentally friendly it is the safer way for Canada to deal with the problem.

1 point

It was not in Americas national interest to use the atomic bombs. First of all Japan was pretty much defeated already because of the air bombings, naval blockade and destroyed navy. Also it has been said that Prince Konoye who was the leader of Japan thought that they had already been defeated before the bombing occurred. another thing showing that America did not need to bomb Japan could be how there was a threat of the USSR entering Japan and the fact that Japan could not get any food or raw materials because no countries would trade with them. Finally the last thing showing how the bombing were needed would be how Japan had no allies in this battle anymore because Germany had already been defeated. In all the bombing were an overkill to an already broken down country.

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