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RSS Kbennett

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I think it is in Canada’s best national interest to protect and challenge other nations when they invade on what is known as Canadian land in the Arctic. If the other nations who feel entitled to land are going to start drilling I think Canada should get the piece that they are entitled to. By seeing how rich the Arctic is, you know why so many other countries are trying to claim it such as Russia and the United States. I believe Canada should open up the Northwest Passage for other countries to use, but should have military boats there to protect the delicate ecosystem. If the passage was opened to the rest of the world then it will become very busy. With that I think that we should set up a toll fee for all the ships coming in using the Northwest Passage: this way Canada could make a huge profit. Also if there were ever an oil spill in the water they would have some money to start cleaning it up right away. The Inuit’s could also benefit from the passage being opened because it could provide them with jobs, which would help the economic part of their community. I think that if the Arctic went to another country the Inuit people living in the North would have to find somewhere new to live and would not be thought of. That would be hard for them because their way of life would change forever and they couldn’t keep up with their traditions. I think by having a meeting with the governments from each nation the problem of the Arctic belonging to more than one nation could be solved. It is in Canada’s best interest to open the passage to create revenue and fight for the land that is there’s.

1 point

I believe it is in Canada’s national interest to send troops into the violent situation happening in the Central African Republic (CAR). Canada would team up with the French peacekeepers that are already there. They could help with the humanitarian aspect as well because they could bring food and water to the civilians who are displaced from there homes. By going in they could help establish civilization and the basis for ongoing peace support operations and then turn it over to somebody else after. Creating a peace treaty would also be very helpful in the Central African Republic. This would put a stop to the ethnic cleansing and the killings. Neither one of these groups are going to stop until the other is killed off. I think an agreement could be made between the Muslims and the Christians to stop fighting, with help from another country. Another reason is if other nations see a big country like Canada going to help, they might also go help in CAR. This will also benefit Canada if they ever find themselves in a violent situation leading to genocide, the other nations would see that they helped when other nations were suffering and than other nations who they helped would repay the favor. If Canada were to leave this situation alone and let them work it out themselves there would be another genocide taking place. The exact same thing happened in Rwanda and Darfur, two groups that strongly dislike each other who wanted change and used violence to achieve it. In Rwanda the United Nations sent in peace keepers, which would have worked a lot better if there was any peace to be kept. In Rwanda around 800,000 people were killed and many more displaced. The exact same thing happened in Darfur the Janjaweed a group of government armed Arabs systematically attacked and killed civilians. In Darfur more than 480,000 people have been killed and 2.8 million people displaced. If we send troops and establish civilization again the people will feel safe and would be able to go back to living in their villages. I think that it is in Canada’s best interest to provide military support to create peace and humanitarian support in the Central African Republic.

1 point

I believe that the United States had their best national interest to drop the atomic bomb on Japan. The Japanese had launched the war in 1941 with a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. They were violating numerous international agreements. The US had looked at many alternate ways of attacking the Japanese and decided that bombing was the best. Before the bombs were dropped the US gave flyers warning civilians of the impending attack. This was so the civilians who were not involved could leave and be safe. If they had not bombed Japan many more soldiers from both sides would have died in land invasions. The United States wanted to find the shortest to end the war. Without the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki the Japanese government was not going to give in. The United States felt the dropping of the bombs is what got them to negotiate an end to the war.

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