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RSS Dank_Memes

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The only action that is viable for Canada is to offer some of its military to protect the unarmed civilians caught in the conflict. It is not Canada's place to station troops with the sole purpose of purging a religious group. Even on that issue you cannot say that its the Muslim group that is doing the primary murdering. They are both radical militant groups killing eachother unjustly. The last time a country went in to fight a radical group regardless of what the UN said or was roughly 2001 where the United States invaded Afghanistan. 4000 civilians were killed by bombing runs done by the United States alone in the last three years dis including cross fire. The most Canada should do is help maintain neutral zones and feed/supply refugees. More efforts on trying to find an end through peaceful means should be a priority.

2 points

It is not in Canada's national interest to to aggressively and physically challenge other nations for our Arctic Sovereignty. I believe appealing to the UN about our findings in the Arctic to prove that we own the Arctic waters and it is not international waters. It should be working with the UN to find a solution to this issue. Canada spends 1% of its GDP on military spending. While super powers such as Russian and the United States are spending 4-5% of their GDP. Military prowess is not a reasonable option for Canada nor should it be for any nation. If we all decide to take up arms and demand what we want regardless of how fair or reasonable it is then what is the point of creating the UN. Canada itself will show geographical findings for oil rights aswell as being able to keep the Northwest Passage as Canadian owned waters. Canada's National interests are economic and inter-nationalistic. We as a nation should strive to for peace and wellbeing alongside economic prosperity using diplomacy, Not military might.

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