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RSS Mogar

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It is in the national interest of Canada to stake claims in the arctic. It would be of great benefit for multiple resins, however the big two are oil and the northwest passage. Canada is one of the few developed countries that has an export in energy much of which is oil. the total GDP of Canada in 2013 was 331.9 billion; 24% of that was power. If there is as much oil that geologists say there is locked in the arctic, Canada's economy would be stable for a long time after the oil sands are depleted. Second the northwest passage. If the northwest passage is considered Canadian, witch it is because it goes straight throw beautiful Canadian wilderness, it can become a steady source of income for the economy as long as it remains open for at least the summer months of the year.

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Although the Americans sent warning letters, it was unjustified to bomb civilians. To stop the war by bombing military installations might have been justified, but the Americans wanted complete surrender meaning they wanted every person in japan to acknowledge that the USA was better and to submit defeat communally to them. At that time in history, it was an unwritten rule that civilians aren't targets for warring countries. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, it was strictly to cripple the military not to kill civilians. Just like how ISIS is doing wrong by executing civilians now, america was doing wrong than by targeting non military installations.

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