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RSS Pbudd69

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Canada should send in troops to work alongside the French troops already stationed in CAR. They should protect the civilians and work to make peace. We should attempt to make peace in CAR before going directly after the group mainly responsible for the violence. If France pulls all of its troops from the area then Canada should take it upon itself to go after the group that has committed crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing. Canada needs to get involved to prevent, what is shaping up to be, another genocide. It is in Canada’s best national interest to get involved in the CAR crisis because we need to provide food and security the displaced civilians and also need to stop killing of civilians. Canada should at least get involved in humanitarian aid for the one million civilians displaced from their homes and communities. One of Canada’s big values is help refuges and people who are in war tarnished countries, and that’s why lots of refugees flee to Canadian soil. So we should start setting safe camps up in Car and providing food and security for the people. In the video it stated that the children are contracting diseases and are becoming malnourished, so they need to be shipped food soon. Also it the video to showed children building fake guns because they are anticipating becoming a solider soon. So I think that Canada need to put in their best effort to stop this civil war and prevent kids from becoming child soldiers so that they can have a better quality of life. If we send troops to keep the peace and protect people, Canada should start by make sure both sides stop killing civilians, and that will decrease the body count. Also ethnic cleansing is basically a genocide, but if you call it a genocide then you have to intervene based on international law. However; Canada should still send peacekeepers and soldiers over to the CAR because morally it’s the right thing to do.

1 point

I do not think that it is in Canada’s best national interest to aggressively and physically defend the arctic against the other nations who are interested in the Arctic. Canada needs to be more inter-nationalistic and work with the other nations. If Canada militarily challenged the other countries, there could be drastic repercussions Canada. Some countries like the US might hold of trade with Canada or Russia, a military superpower, could use force against Canada. I think that the countries that have legitimate claim to the Arctic should be allowed to use the Northwest Passage. Also there should be a treaty to make sure every nation involved gets a piece of the action. I’m aware that one concern that the Aboriginals have is the pollution and change of their home and that why Canada democratically suggest regulation on shipping inventory and where or if the vessels are allowed to stop in the passage way. If they do stop and get off, they should require passports and have their baggage check just like customs. That incident where that German cruise ship unloaded tourists onto Canadian soil without any permission was unacceptable and if happened in anyone country would've resulted in many consequences. So I think Canada needs to have an international mind set and not isolate it’s self by challenging every country interested in the Arctic.

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